Fuck high school. In elementary school the whole classroom was your Valentine. We were in this shit together.

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Do you think you have what it takes to be one of us? By what it takes, we don’t mean talent. Are you willing to give up everything? Leave everything behind to live your biggest dreams of working for the music industry? You know you’re addicted to the sound of screams in your ears, and the feeling of lights flashing in your eyes. Are you ready for a memory full of fun that’ll fuck you up when it’s all done? The real question is, are you willing to be reckless? If so, nothing’s gonna stop you anymore.

We are currently accepting band members, affiliates, actors, actresses, and original characters for this wild ride into the inner makings of the music industry.


Motionless In White - 

  • Chris Cerulli
  • Angelo Parente
  • Ricky Olson
  • Joshua Balz
  • Ryan Sitkowski
  • Devin Sola

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just listening to edm and screaming like a girl. nothing my neighbors havent already heard before. 

OMG THAT BASS!!!!!!!!!

GOD THAT DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some favorites.

This is great!!


Some favorites.

This is great!!

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so yesterday i got my first tattoo, i was so nervous, wanted to cancel the appointment all day. then around 2 in the afternoon i got a call from the artist saying he had a cancellation and could get me in early. I freaked out in my head thinking “wait i don’t have 6 hours to prepare now!” me and…

I feel this way with piercings.

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